Comprehensive Reports

Reporting is part of the commissioning process. KTS provides sophisticated reporting of detailed performance data of each machine tested.

We have designed an automated system to provide professional level presentation of commissioning test results. Test data first has analytics applied, then assembled for presentation into a pdf report. Reports are consistently precise, sharp and detailed.

Automated reporting removes the error prone and labor intensive aspects required to create professional level reports. No need to manually tabulate data, manually annotate graphs, or spend time indexing the report. Report turn-around time is dramatically reduced.

We can use your logos and cover page to brand the reports to your company style.

Request Sample Report

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Proven Results

Since 2004, thousands of Data Center commissioning and testing projects have been successfully performed using KTS.

Better Tools

The only instrumentation package specifically designed for the needs of data center electrical commissioning.

We do the boring stuff

Reporting is labor intensive, error prone and time consuming. Now, it's taken care of for you. Consistently sharp and precise reports. Every time.