Performance Validation of Critical Power Path Components during Commissioning.
Real advancements for Mission Critical Commissioning.


KTS | Critical Systems Test
Validate Performance of UPS, Generators, Modular Power units during Commissioning.

A comprehensive system for electrical commissioning. Instrumentation, Project organization, Professional grade reports, Efficient work flow.

A smart combination of hardware, software, web and services to provide full Performance Validation of the complex components on the critical power path. Results to Impress your clients.  Learn more »

What our clients say...

“We performed a large UPS system commissioning test for an important client using the KTS system. The system hardware and software was easy to set up and navigation through the software was simple with the friendly user interface.

Recording snapshots and transients was easy and the ability to immediately review the transients was very helpful.

When it came time to create the final report we were on a tight deadline from our client. We received the report within 24 hours and both our management team and our client were extremely impressed with the quality and detail of the report. ”

John Balsamo