KTS is an instrumentation system that has been designed specifically for commissioning data centers- performance testing of critical electrical components. (Generators, UPS, STS, etc.)

Specifically designed to streamline the process into a smooth, efficient work flow.

Commissioning has its demands.

Efficient use of time is paramount. It is an intense amount work in a short period of time. Tight commissioning schedules are the norm.

It is expensive. Many people and resources are required to all be in one place during the process. Vendors, commissioning agents, electricians. Load banks, cables, instrumentation and other resources. Having to bring them all back for redoing a test is not desirable.

Commissioning agents work under pressure. The time schedule demands, making sure something doesn't go wrong, not missing problems, client demands. Making the testing process easier and more efficient is desirable. Improving the quality of testing is desirable. KTS does that.


Why KTS?


KTS came about from intense commissioning and testing work during the dot-com boom. Born from that experience came ideas about how to improve and streamline the entire process, from testing through final report creation. In 2001 work started on KTS. 2004 saw the first clients using KTS. Now well over ten years later, thousands of testing projects have been completed with it. The process proven and further improved.

The Instrumentation

All Power Quality Meters (PQM) you are likely to use are of a similar category of instrument- that of a data logger. They are intended to hook up to a panel or a device under test, record for a period of time, then later download, review and analyze the data. During commissioning this method costs time to download and review- because of this, the review may not happen until much later.

KTS is of a different paradigm, or category of instrument. An innovative software based design, it can become several different types of instruments, as needed. In use it has a much more immediate, real-time orientation. There is no concept of downloading data- as it is already there. If something isn't right, you'll be able to see it immediately- not weeks later during review. KTS also has project organizational features not found in any PQM.

It offers several different instrumentation modes, some that are specific to the types of equipment being tested (Generator, UPS, STS, etc.). Task optimized instrumentation - features that are not available in other instruments - provides improved test results over a more generic type instrument.



KTS is Organized

There can be tens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of test data recordings per project. The typical PQM is oriented to do one test, one recording file at a time. It is up to you to keep all of your recording files organized in some fashion.

KTS was designed to excel at project organization, working with all the data accumulated per project. This inherent organization helps the process in many ways. It becomes simple to find any test on any machine. Reduced issues with lost files. Test sets can be configured to match a commissioning script beforehand. And more.

Each a seemingly small gain; All add up over repetitive testing to help time saved, consistency, reduce mistakes, and a smoother process.

The Reporting

The final report is the only tangible thing left with the client after you have finished the job. A smart report will reflect favorably on the work performed by your team.

Creating test reports can be a surprisingly time consuming affair. KTS can and does reduce the time and effort and improves on output quality - KTS reports look sharp.

KTS reports are a sophisticated presentation of the tested performance characteristics of each machine. They reflect the breadth and depth of the testing performed. They allow independent review of the testing and allow easy comparison of test results between similar equipment. The results are easy to find because of the organization and indexing.

KTS reporting is provided as a service.

The more testing projects you do, or the larger the scale of the commissioning project,
the more valuable KTS will be to you, and your firm.

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Proven Results

Since 2004, thousands of Data Center commissioning and testing projects have been successfully performed using KTS.

Better Tools

The only instrumentation package specifically designed for the needs of data center electrical commissioning.

We do the boring stuff

Reporting is labor intensive, error prone and time consuming. Now, it's taken care of for you. Consistently sharp and precise reports. Every time.