KTS was developed by Kirk Weatherman. The idea came after intensive commissioning work during the dot com years.
Frustrated with how long it took to build final reports, we set out to create a better way.
While we were at it, we improved the entire process.


The problems solved, for testing and commissioning agents:

  • Complete instrumentation necessary to fully test the performance of UPS and Gensets.
  • Organization of all project test data, fast and smooth work flow.
  • Fast reporting system, that doesn't compromise quality for speed.

The benefits, for clients and owners:

  • Comprehensive testing and analytics improve confidence level of equipment performance.
  • Standardized, consistent testing allows comparison between units, modules and sites.
  • Speed of reporting allows review while relevant.
  • Presentation and completeness allows for analysis and expert-peer review of test results.
  • Strong demonstration and documentation of due diligence.

Add Value to commissioning and load bank testing expenditures - KTS.

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